April 10, 2017: April Congressional Recess, First Week


The House and Senate have recessed for a two-week "district working period," running from April 10 to April 21. During this time, no legislative sessions will be held, and Members of Congress will return to their districts. Indivisible groups around San Diego County (and, indeed, around the United States) will be hosting events and partnering with other organizations to make our voices heard while our Members of Congress are present.

Here at Defending Our Future, we will continue to provide updates as necessary on a day-to-day basis, but our focus will shift to supporting the various events around San Diego County. Remember, your voice matters. Together, we stand indivisible.

Recommended Actions for the Week of April 10:

  • Last week, House Democrats launched a new effort to get Trump's taxes released, filing a discharge petition on HR. 305. Notably, two Republicans have already co-sponsored this bill. Check out our page on HR. 305, and call your House Representative about it.
  • On the subject of Trump's taxes, this Saturday you can join thousands of San Diegans at the San Diego Tax March. (If you're outside the San Diego area, check out taxmarch.org to find a tax march near you.)
  • In the wake of Trump's decision to escalate US military involvement in Syria, it's more important than ever to push Congress to grant asylum to Syrian families whose lives have been upended by the war. Please take a moment to read our page on HR. 1503 and S. 608, then call your Senators and House Representative and ask them to push to aid Syrian refugees.
  • Given the President's unilateral and impetuous decision to launch a missile strike against a Syrian air base last week, we should give some serious consideration to whether we want this man to have his finger on the nuclear trigger. HR. 669 and S. 200 would limit the President's ability to launch a nuclear first strike. Please have a look at our page on those bills, then call your Senators and House Rep and ask them to co-sponsor.
  • Finally, on April 11 (that's tomorrow!) there will be a special election in Kansas's 4th district to fill Mike Pompeo's seat. Take a few seconds to find out if you have any Facebook friends in Kansas. If you do, and they're eligible to vote in this election, make sure they know where their polling place is.

Upcoming Events:

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