April 11, 2017: GAO Investigation, TrumpCare 2.0


  • The GAO is investigating aspects of the Trump transition, prompted by a request in November from Senator Warren and Rep. Cummings.
  • The House Freedom Caucus has indicated that discussions on reviving TrumpCare are continuing through the April recess.

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GAO Investigation:

The Government Accountability Office sent a letter to Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD-7) last week stating that the GAO would examine Trump's transition. This was in response to a request for such an investigation sent by Senator Warren and Rep. Cummings to the US Comptroller General, sent in November. The GAO will review the relevant laws, how General Services Administration funds were used during the transition, and what private financing was collected and used in transition. 

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House Freedom Caucus chair Mark Meadows (R-NC-11) said this morning that Republicans are "very close" to reaching an agreement on changes to the TrumpCare bill designed to build enough GOP support to bring the bill to a vote. Though it appears unlikely that Members of Congress would be recalled to Washington for a vote on TrumpCare before the end of the current recess period, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA-23) has indicated that it is a possibility.

Details on the Republican negotiations have been scarce, though it was previously reported that three key ACA requirements may be rolled back: "guaranteed issue," which requires that insurers cover everyone; "community rating," prohibiting insurers from charging higher premiums to patients with pre-existing conditions; and "essential health benefits," which requires that plans provide certain basic coverages such as hospitalization, maternity care, emergency services, and mental health care.

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Conclusion/Call Script Overview

Today I will call my Congressman and thank him for supporting the various investigations into Trump's conflicts of interest by co-sponsoring HR. 305, the Presidential Tax Transparency Act. I will also ask him to stand strong against any Republican efforts to weaken the ACA.

Script for Calling Scott Peters

"Hi, my name is _____ and I'm calling from _____ (zip code). I'm calling because I read recently that the GAO will be investigating Trump's transition and any misuse of government funds in his transition. I think it's important that the President's conflicts be thoroughly investigated. I know that Congressman Peters has already co-sponsored HR. 305, the Presidential Tax Transparency Act, and signed the discharge petition to bring that bill to the House floor, so I'd like to thank him for that. I've also seen reports that Republicans are trying to bring the TrumpCare bill back in an even worse form, allowing states to remove essential health coverages and charge higher premiums to patients with pre-existing conditions. I know that Congressman Peters worked very hard to oppose the previous TrumpCare bill and I just want to make sure that he's aware of these new developments and will continue to protect our healthcare. Thank you."

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