April 17, 2017: April Congressional Recess, Second Week

This past weekend, thousands of San Diegans joined the Tax March to demand the release of Donald Trump's tax returns. There were marches in over 200 communities around the country, with reports of over 120,000 participants. It was enough to get Trump's attention, to say the least. Here at Defending Our Future, we would like to thank each and every one of you for all of the ways you resist and stand indivisible. Together, we can win!

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Recommended Actions for the Week of April 17:

  • Last Friday, San Diego MOCs Susan Davis and Juan Vargas joined HR. 305 as co-sponsors. (Scott Peters had done so the previous week.) With the Tax March just behind us, take a few minutes to check out our page on HR. 305, and then call your MOC to either thank them for co-sponsoring or asking them to do so. Three Republicans have now joined the bill, so there's no reason Hunter and Issa couldn't do the same!
  • As tensions with North Korea increase, it is more important than ever to make sure that we keep Donald Trump's erratic fingers away from the nuclear trigger. Please take a moment to read about HR. 669 and S. 200, which would require the President to seek Congressional approval before launching a nuclear first strike, then call.
  • The Indivisible Team has published a new article explaining the dangers of Trump's escalation in Syria. It includes recommendations for how to talk to your MOC about the issue, especially if you will be attending a town hall meeting. Please take a few minutes and read through it.
  • For folks here in San Diego, this coming Friday (April 21), the San Diego County Chamber of Commerce will be holding a luncheon where local business leaders will meet with all five of our MOCs. This presents an excellent opportunity to let them know just how bad Trump's agenda will be for San Diego's economy, so Indivisible groups across the county are coming together to demonstrate outside the event. If you're able, please come and lend your voice.
  • This Saturday, April 22, is the March for Science! Join thousands of San Diegans and stand indivisible against the Trump administration's dangerous anti-science agenda.
  • Finally, tomorrow, April 18, there will be a special election in Georgia's 6th District, to fill Tom Price's seat. Voter turnout is going to be key in this election, so please take a moment to find out if you have any Facebook friends in Georgia. If you do, and they're eligible to vote in this election, make sure they know where their polling place is.

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