April 24: Weekly Actions

The April recess is over, but I want to take a moment to recognize some of resistance highlights from last week. Hundreds of constituents attended Rep. Scott Peters' town hall meeting and voiced their concerns about healthcare, North Korea, women's rights, and the environment. Indivisible members demonstrated at the San Diego Chamber of Commerce's congressional luncheon, and showed up at the border to protest Jeff Sessions' visit. And 15,000 San Diegans joined the March for Science on Saturday. This is what democracy looks like.

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Recommended Actions for the Week of April 24:

  • Trump is pushing Congress to take up ACA repeal again, prompting some pundits to call this new effort "Zombie TrumpCare." Take a few minutes to call your House Representative and as her or him to stand up and protect our healthcare.
  • Congress must act this week to continue funding the government past April 28. But the Trump Administration and some GOP members of Congress may be willing to shut down the government in order to get what they want, by attaching unpopular policy riders to a new spending resolution. Please call your House Representative and tell her or him to oppose these policy riders in order to avoid a government shutdown:
    • Defunding ACA cost-sharing subsidies that help keep health coverage affordable
    • Defunding Planned Parenthood
    • Additional funding for a mass deportation force or border wall
    • Defunding the EPA and climate science initiatives
  • AB-450, a California Assembly bill to protect workers from ICE actions, is up for a vote tomorrow in the Assembly Judiciary Committee. If your Assemblymember is on that committee, call and ask her or him to support the bill.
  • SB-149, a California Senate bill to require presidential candidates to release their tax returns in order to be listed on primary ballots, is up for a vote next week in the Senate Appropriations Committee. If your State Senator is on that committee, call and ask her or him to support the bill.
  • AB-14, the California DISCLOSE Act, is up for a vote on Wednesday in the Assembly Elections & Redistricting Act. If your Assemblymember is on that committe, call and ask her or him to support transparency in elections.
  • Republicans in the Assembly are trying to pass a voter ID law here in California, which would disenfranchise thousands of minority and low-income Californians. The Assembly Elections & Redistricting Committee will vote on this bill on Wednesday, so if your Assemblymember is on that committee, be sure to call and tell her or him to oppose AB-985!

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