June 19, 2017: Weekly Actions

It's crunch time on health care. Senate Republicans are continuing to push for a vote on their bill before the end of June, and reports are that it may be even worse than the House version, cutting Medicaid even more drastically. Democrats in the Senate still won't commit to pulling out all the stops, though apparently they're considering it. This week will be critical in our fight to protect health care for millions of Americans.

Meanwhile, the Russia investigation continues to heat up, with special counsel Robert Mueller now looking into whether the President attempted to obstruct justice. The President has responded not only with his usual tweet tantrums, but may be preparing to fire Mueller. If that happens, we will be in a constitutional crisis, and Indivisible will need every available member to make as much noise as possible.

But while we as Indivisible members are committed to resisting the Trump agenda every day, we must also remember to reaffirm our commitment to nonviolence. As you probably know, last week a gunman opened fire on a Congressional baseball practice, wounding Republican Rep. Steve Scalise as well as several others, including staffers and Capitol police. It should go without saying, but we'll say it anyway: violence has no place in the resistance.

Stand indivisible, everyone. We have work to do.

Recommended Actions for the Week of June 19:

  • As mentioned above, Senate Democrats are considering whether to bring the Senate to a crawl over health care, but they still won't commit. This is do-or-die time for health care, so please take time every day this week to reach out to your Democratic Senators and demand that they withhold consent and filibuster-by-amendment. The national Indivisible Team has developed a great call script for just this purpose, please check it out. The only way this bill will die is if the GOP feels pressure from their own constituents, and the only way that can happen is if we have time to see the bill and respond to it, which means Dems need to do everything they can to slow things down and give us that time.
  • One thing we've learned over the past few months is that the best way to get people to take action is not just to tweet or write blog posts (though, of course, that's also important) but to make personal asks. Many of our friends and family care about health care but may not have all the facts, or may not know what to do, and it's up to us to get them involved. Take a few minutes every day this week to reach out to one or two people you know who may not be actively involved in the movement, and ask them to call their senators to oppose TrumpCare. If they have Democratic Senators, ask them to call and demand their Senators withhold consent. If they have Republican Senators, ask them to call and oppose the AHCA, and demand that they show us the bill.
  • Most pundits are skeptical that the President will actually move to fire special counsel Robert Mueller (or deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein), but at this point we all know better than to assume that Donald Trump will do what the pundits expect. If this should come to pass, Indivisible groups across San Diego will come together that same day to protest. Stay tuned for more announcements (follow Defending Our Future or San Diego Indivisible on Twitter, or sign up for our mailing list). In the meantime, you get start getting ready now by making a sign ahead of time with messages like "YOU FIRE MUELLER, WE FIRE YOU!" or "RULE OF LAW APPLIES TO YOU!

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