June 26, 2017: Weekly Actions

It's crunch time for health care. The Senate GOP is pushing for a vote this week to kill the ACA and end health care as we know it. This cruel bill will hurt people with pre-existing conditions, it will raise premiums even while making benefits worse, and it will destroy Medicaid. It will even hurt people with employer-provided healthcare by allowing insurers to reintroduce lifetime caps on benefits. We need all hands on deck this week to kill the bill and protect our health care!

Recommended Actions for the Week of June 26:

  • For folks in California (and other states with Democratic Senators), keep calling and demanding that your Senators grind the Senate to a halt by withholding consent and filibustering-by-amendment. Indivisible has put together a handy call script just for this.
  • Another great thing you can do if you have a Democratic Senator: use OurAmendments.org to create a customized amendment that can be used to delay the final Senate vote. You don't need any knowledge about how to write legislation; with this simple web tool, all you need is your name and ZIP code and Indivisible will automatically create an amendment and forward it to both of your Senators and to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. It only takes a few seconds, please submit your amendment now!
  • For folks with Republican Senators—especially those of you in Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Lousiana, Maine, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia—Indivisible has you covered as well! Check out TrumpCareTen.org for information about how TrumpCare will affect your state, and also get up-to-date call scripts every day.
  • Here in San Diego, Indivisible chapters from around the county are coming together tomorrow, Tuesday, June 27, to hold a die-in and vigil to save the ACA. Join us at the First Unitarian Universalist Church in Hillcrest from 7:00 PM to 8:15 PM to stand in solidarity with resistance actions across the country, and make your voice heard to protect our health care!

Contact Information for San Diego County Representatives:

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