September 18, 2017: Weekly Actions and Updates

The clock is ticking on the GOP's attempt to repeal our healthcare; if they can't get it done by September 30, then the budget reconciliation framework will expire and any new bills will be subject to filibuster. So they're pulling out all the stops at the last minute to try one more time to destroy the ACA. That and more updates below.

Recommended Actions for the Week of September 18, 2017:

  • The Senate GOP has brought TrumpCare back yet again, this time as the "Graham-Cassidy" proposal. Just as with the previous attempts to take away our healthcare, Graham-Cassidy would weaken protections for pre-existing conditions, cause tens of millions of Americans to lose their coverage, increase premiums for seniors, and allow states to waive essential health benefits. Worse, it directly takes Medicaid funding away from states in proportion to how much they expanded Medicaid under the ACA. And according to healthcare expert Andy Slavitt, it makes no provisions to fund Medicaid at all after 2026. Please take some time to check out the Indivisible Team's TrumpCare Ten site for details on how we can fight back.
  • HR. 620 is a House bill that would weaken the Americans With Disabilities Act, harming some of our most vulnerable friends, family, and neighbors by making it harder for people with disabilities to enforce their rights to accessible services. The bill unfortunately has 12 Democratic co-sponsors, including San Diego MOC Scott Peters! Check out our new HR. 620 info page and then use our scripts to call your House rep to oppose the bill.
  • On the bright side, a whole bunch of good bills have passed the California Legislature and are on their way to Governor Brown's desk. We've updated our pages on AB-249, AB-450, AB-699, SB-31, SB-54, and SB-149, including call scripts and contact info for Governor Brown. The Governor has until October 15 to sign these bills, so let's make this final push and make sure they pass!